Mrs. Aitch's File Cabinet of Ideas for Nature Study Lessons

Thursday, July 14

Summer is in Full Swing!

Haven't written in awhile - been doing lots of other things!   

Our weather now is in the 90's most days, and with regular rain showers all the trees and plants are looking lovely.  Such a beautiful difference from last year at this time when we were in the throes of a full-blown drought.  We've actually had to mow our lawn and run the weed-whacker!  

Ours has only five of these "bunches"
We have been busy with the house we're buying.   I found out last week that we have a Crape Myrtle in the front  yard--although it "only" has about five bunches of flowers.   Hopefully with careful pruning we'll have a better showing next summer.

The roses along the fence by the pool are done for this year; I pruned them back in June--because we didn't want those long arching canes reaching into the pool deck and snagging any hapless swimmers!   Not the time of  year to be pruning, but I did it anyway.  I hope the roses are forgiving!!!

Similar to what adorns our pool fence! 
Hostas growing below the roses got nibbled off by the deer just the other day!  Bummer!   I've never been big on hostas but hate to see any plants ruined like that.   The deer also munched on the few tulips that were scattered about the yard.   

Once we're moved in, I will be planting as many perennials, shrubs and trees as I can from whatever is left at the gardening centers.   Maybe a wisteria on a pergola-frame straddling the kitchen and dining room windows.  Perhaps a weeping pear?   And doing lots of raking and cleaning out the flower beds.   And dropping some morning glory seeds along the pool fence.  And pruning the greenery in front of the bedroom windows.   And more raking and cleaning.   Maybe some 4 O'Clock flower seeds.   And more pruning in the back yard.  Definitely a clematis--if I can lay my hands on one (or more).  And more raking and cleaning.

Look for "Ursa Major" and "Ursa Minor" - you're a Star!
If you're a Nature Study student, now's the time to observe the birds who are busy raising their nestlings; listen in the evenings and you'll hear Robins stridently calling to their fledglings--encouraging them to fly.   Also check out the leaves on trees around your home, sketch several of them.  Make some bark rubbings, too.  Dig up a shovel-ful of dirt and find some worms--draw them in your nature journal.    Spend some time outside after dark, gaze at the stars and remember how God's promise to Abraham included  YOU!  

Hey!  NATURE STUDY STUDENTS (and parents)   
check out this Really Neat Website to Learn More About The Night Sky!


Nature Hike

Take a walk outside your own home. Look around at all the signs of Spring in your own backyard! What do you smell? What do you see? What do you hear? Fresh earth, budding plants and trees, birds chirping? How does the wind feel against your cheek?

Keep your nature journal handy....summer is a busy time in the natural world! Jot the occasion, date, time, weather, and anything unusual. Make a simple sketch to help you remember. Doesn't have to look like da Vinci! Just your sketch.

Take note of a special tree in your yard. Keep track of it during each season. Sketch one or two branches right now. Take note of the buds or twigs. Date the sketch, add the time of day, something about the weather. Yeah! That wasn't so hard!!