Mrs. Aitch's File Cabinet of Ideas for Nature Study Lessons

Thursday, August 9

Butterflies - Flying Flowers!

They're everywhere!  They're everywhere! 

Have you noticed them flitting around 
your flower beds and bushes?    
They lightly drop in for a quick sip 
and then OFF they go to the next flower.

So, take a moment to learn the 
different parts of these

"flying flowers" 

(as my mom refers to them!)

Check out my

Nature Hike

Take a walk outside your own home. Look around at all the signs of Spring in your own backyard! What do you smell? What do you see? What do you hear? Fresh earth, budding plants and trees, birds chirping? How does the wind feel against your cheek?

Keep your nature journal handy....summer is a busy time in the natural world! Jot the occasion, date, time, weather, and anything unusual. Make a simple sketch to help you remember. Doesn't have to look like da Vinci! Just your sketch.

Take note of a special tree in your yard. Keep track of it during each season. Sketch one or two branches right now. Take note of the buds or twigs. Date the sketch, add the time of day, something about the weather. Yeah! That wasn't so hard!!